The best thing that can happen in your day is when you finish your Job heading home. And you take that nice hot water shower, relieving you from all the stress you had on your day. Well, that happens thanks to the tankless water heater that you installed in your home. In this article, we wanted to Answer the Following Questions.

  • First, How much does a Tankless water heater cost?
  • How to use the Water Heater? Turn Off & On.
  • Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater.

How Much Does a Tankless Water Heater Cost?

the price depends actually on the type of tankless heater you have decided to buy. Weather Electric or gas Heater, this decides the price of each one of them.

Electric Tankless will cost you roughly around 100 USD to 800 USD. While the Gas Tankless will cost you from 1000 USD to 1500 USD depends on the quality and you can consider this an upfront cost. To install it you it also depend on the amount of work needed. For the Gas tankless it is required to install a Safe ventilation system. In fact, Gas tankless is expensive to install it costs around 1000 USD to 1200 USD.

On the Operative side, Gas Tankless is less expensive to use than the electric ones, which require at least 2 times maintenance a year. While Gas Tankless needs at least one-time maintenance Every Year.

How To Use Water Heater?

At first, you need to understand that, unlike the Water heater that continuously heats all the water in the tank. The Tankless Water Heater only uses the amount of water you need to hear it allowing you to make changes in the temperature.

Water temperatures above 125°F (52°C) will result in severe burns and might also cause death, So make sure you set the right temperature which we recommend it to be not more than 115 Degree Fahrenheit.

Electric Tankless

Before applying these Following tips. Please make sure the Tankless Water Heater is Full of Water.

  1. Find the Circuit breaker of the Tankless Water Heater and turn it off, turn on the entire Water Faucets and let them run for 2 min, Max.
  2. After the Air is purged in the lines, turn off the Faucets and turn on the Circuit Breaker.
  3. Setting your Temperature. For Safety and energy costs reasons it is recommended that the temperature remains under 120 Degree Feh. more than that you risk a Serious burn with a temperature of 130 F than can occur in less than 30sec.

4.Turn the Hot Water Faucets entirely and keep it on for 1 minute to examine the temperature scale.

Gas Tankless Heater

  1. Turn off the Gas Circuit Breaker that supplies the Tankless with Gas.
  2. Turn off the Gass valve clockwise, and keep it off for 5min until you smell no gas in the unit if you don’t smell any gas start operating your gas tankless.
  3. to start the unit, turn on the Shut Valve and put the circuit breaker back also the switch the unite on.
  4. you will need 5 gallons of water to start to set the temperature at 120-degree Fahrenheit. keep it on for 5 min until the temperature is as you want. It is very crucial to pay attention to the Water temperature while starting the Unit on.

Things remember before starting the Unit

  • Do not switch on or turn on the Gass Valve or the circuit breaker until there is no smell of Gass.
  • Make sure to have 5 gallons of Water beneath
  • You will still need electricity when operating on a Gas Tankless

we do recommend checking this Article by, they provide an enormous amount of information, that will certainly be beneficial more for a better practice with Tankless Water Heater.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water heater saves a lot of energy and this means that will save your money too, you need no extra space for storage as a tank water heater would require you to. Plus the Tankless Heater has a longer life service and could last as double as a normal Water Heater would do.

one more advantage is that the temperature set up doesn’t really require you much time to have hot water, just turn it on and hot water will be unlimited in seconds and enough to supply more than one shower, compared to tank water heaters that take longer time to heat the water.


Even though Tankless Water Heater can cost more money to purchase and to install. but that would save so much for later, as we have shared previously. Tankless Water Heater will last over two decades and doesn’t require much space, you need hot water ? just turn it on and you will have hot water in seconds and you can enjoy your shower without worrying about Cost, energy or running out hot water