Using a Water heater or having it in your house has become an essential thing to have. And have made it successfully through our homes. We use to have that nice shower after a long tiring day, cooking those nice winter soups that keep our body warm and many other things that require using hot water every single day of our life.

Water Heater has made the task easier, but how much would buying a Water Heater would cost me? In this article, we will answer the question of why you need not just a Water Heater, but a good quality one and how much buying one would cost you.

How much does it Cost to Buy a Water Heater?

Buying a New Water Heater would cost you roughly from 500 USD to 1000USD. Some installation fees might cost you around 250USD that you need to hire a Plumber or Water Heating Service Company. However, if you have an old Water Heater and you want to replace it with a new one. The replacement fees would cost you an estimated amount of 900 USD on a national scale in the United States.

the Average installation cost for a Water Heater would cost up to 800 USD. The price is much more significant than a Tankless Water Heater that would cost roughly up 2000 USD, Water Heater does save money, and will not face any hot water supply issue.

How to know which is the best to buy?

The best Size for a New Water Heater.

How to make sure that the Water Heater you are willing to buy is the best one for you.

You need to determine which time of the day where you or your family members you the highest amount of Hot Water.

During your peak hour, using Shower would require 10 Gallons of Hot Water. Plus the Dishwasher and the Clothes Washer would need 15 Gallons. Preparing food would also require some gallons around 2 per minute. So the idea here that you understand the amount of hot water you are using during your high demand hour.

Let’s Make some calculations here 

Let say that you are three family members having a shower in one same hour, and consuming 10 Gallons of water each, that would be 30 Gallons of Water. In Addition to that, you are using the Dishwasher which will use 6 Gallons of Water. So Here you have a total of 36 Gallons of water used per peak hour, and this is how I decide which Water Heater Model I go for, and in my Case id go for the model that supples on peak hour from 36 to 38 gallons per hour.

How to Light a Water Heater with Electronic Pilot?

How much Would Cost Me To Get a Water Heater

Now, Lighting up your Water heater using an Electronic pilot can be something you can do it yourself. Electronic pilot won’t be found on an Electric Water heater simply cause there spark to light. Generally, the following instructions will help the Gas Water Heater owners. So Please be attentive as much as you can when you read the following.

  • First and before everything, your Safety. Never light your pilot when you still smell gas in your Area. Check Carefully if there no smell of gas near your Water Heater before you light up the Heater Pilot.
  • before you start the spark, make sure that the temperature is set its lowest.
  • Set your Pilot Setting on and press the Pilot button and keep holding it down.
  • Look to the sight glass and press slowly to generate the spark, by doing that you should see the spark in your water heater and pilot should be light.
  • Set On the knob position and set the heating temperature as you desire.


Now, things might happen and you may not see the spark or the light on, if that is what happens to keep your hand down on the pilot button and press the spark generator every 10 seconds until you see the light.

check out this youtube video by houseimprouvment demonstrating how to light it or relight your Water Heater.