Many people have not even heard about evaporator coils because many homeowners don’t find these things interested. They usually hire professionals to do all these things.

Due to this reason, many people have wondered how they can clean ac evaporator coils by staying at their home.

You need to clean ac evaporator coils when you feel the prominent decrease in the efficiency of your AC. Sometimes, due to the dirty ac evaporator coils, your AC may stop working and this condition is really unbearable especially during summer.

How to Clean AC Evaporator Coils Inside House?

Are you also one of them, who think cleaning of ac evaporator coils is not possible at home? Maybe you are wrong.

If you wish to know what to do if your AC is running out or decreases its efficiency? There is always a need to keep your ac maintained and cool if you wish to keep yourself safe from any inconvenience in the near future.

Remember! Prevention is always a better option. Never allow the evaporator coils to get too dirty so it may affect the efficiency of your ac.

But anyhow, if you are facing the same issue that either your AC’s efficiency has decreased or it has stopped working, have a closer look at our step by step guide that how you can clean ac evaporator coils at home.

Step by step guide to clean ac evaporator coils

Let us inform you of the steps that may help you to clean ac evaporator coils.


First of all, you must know how to access and recognize the ac evaporator coils. In short, you must be aware of the basics of ac evaporator coils to take the start.


Make sure, you know, where the coil is located in ac and how to tackle the problem of these coils. You must know, how these evaporator coils look like.


Inside the ac, you can see the pyramid-shaped or A-frame copper coils. Most of the time, these coils are inside the metal coverings. AC evaporator is usually stashed away in a closet.

Sometimes, it may be out of sight so, you must confirm the presence of these coils within the metal case before starting your work. Sometimes, you will find these ac evaporator coils in the attic.


For getting the cool and dehumidified air outside your ac is only possible when the coils capture the hot humid air inside your home.

Make sure that the coils are filled with the flowing refrigerant fluid because this fluid is essential to collect hot air from the atmosphere and absorbs moisture.

You need to check the proper amount of a flowing refrigerant fluid within the coils to increase the efficiency of ac evaporator coils.


When the overall hot air of your home will be absorbed by the evaporator coils, it will send it to the outdoor unit of your ac through the air ducts. You must check the efficiency of the air ducts so that your ac will provide the required cooling.


The compressor inside the outdoor units should work perfectly. To remove the hot air from your house, these evaporator coils should work well.

Why there is a need to keep ac evaporator coils clean?

Many people have the same question that how the efficiency of their ac increases with managing the ac evaporator coils. Remember! Cleaning the ac evaporator coils is not so difficult task; you should also do it by staying at home. You just need to know all the ways that may help you to do so.

It is essential to maintain the cooling of the house

It is everyone’s perception that ac itself is a complex machine to tackle but ac evaporator coils can easily be cleaned. Having clean ac evaporator coils is essential to have a comfortable environment in your house.

During the hottest season of summer, you need to maintain the ac evaporator coils so, the efficiency of your ac will not be disturbed and you will get the required cooling.

Keep in mind! Ac evaporator coils should be cleaned regularly to get rid of the slow ac system.

It is important to enhance the efficiency of your ac

The ac evaporator coils should be cleaned daily if your home is dusty naturally. Your ac can absorb more dust if you are having furry pets in your house.

If you will continue to use the unclean coils, it will absorb more pollen and will collect more dust and will negatively affect the efficiency of your ac. Sometimes, the thin layer of dust can create a blockage and will affect the throw of cool air coming from ac.

It simply means, you have to pay more electricity bills but never get the required cooling.

Unclean coils can cause ice cloud

Sometimes when ac evaporator coils remain dirty for so long, your ac starts to develop ice on the coils.

It will become the source of freeing up of the overall process. It enhances the energy usage of ac and decreases its efficiency. Remember! If you want to get the maximum benefits of the appliances of your home, you should never compromise on the efficiency of appliances.

Due to all these reasons, ac evaporator coils should be cleaned daily. It is necessarily important to get the required output i-e cool air.

Bottom line: How someone can CLEAN A/C EVAPORATOR COILS?

Listen! What will you do if your ac stops working due to the dirty ac evaporator coils? Of course, you will look for some professional to help you get rid of this issue.

But what if they will not be available? In our perception, one must have enough knowledge to clean ac evaporator coils at home so, he managed to tackle his ac and increases its efficiency whenever needed.

Remember! It is not so technical to find out the ways to clean ac evaporator coils. You just need to follow our step by step guide to improve the overall efficiency of your ac.

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