The best practice to extend the life service of a Water Heater is by Draining the Tank only. By doing that you are saving your money from replacing your Water heater with a new one. These simple steps will help you understand how to keep your Water Heater in great shape besides extending its lifespan.

How to drain a Water Heater?

First and Foremost. Draining your Water Heater annually prevents any sediment that might have occurred inside the tank. To Drain your Water Heater.

  1. Turn off the Valve that supplies the Water Heater with Coldwater.
  2. in this second step, you will be required to turn off your Water Heater.
  3. at the bottom of the Tank, check out the Drain valve and attach it to a hose, it can be a garden hose or any standard hose, along with placing a bucket to drain the water in.
  4. Open Hot Water somewhere near to your Water Heater area, by the doing this your helping in draining the tank quicker and faster.
  5. Open the Drain Valve and let the water drain from the tank towards the bucket. Water is going to be hot, So be aware of that and take. precautions to keep your self safe.
  6. Close the drainer, remove the hose from the drain valve. After that, you will need to fill the tank once again, So turn on the Water supply and fill it. Once the Tank is full of Coldwater, turn the supply off. If you have an Electric Heater, then turn the electricity back on, and if it happened and you have a gas Water Heater, then undoubtedly you need to turn the Gas valve on.

9 Steps on How to Flush a Gas Water Heater and Why it’s important to do so?

Now that you have gone through our article you know how important it is to drain your Water heater. In this part of this post, we will clear to you why it so important to flush your Water heater and guide you through 9 steps to successfully do that.

First of all, Why do you need to clear sediment from your Water Heater?

Sediment can be the cause why the Water in your showers in not hot enough, it is sediment that is standing on the way of the elements that heat water and create a barrier. Flushing it away would improve the functionality of your Water heater and Moreover will increase its longevity and life service.

9 Steps to Flush a Water Heater

  1. First thing is to turn off your Water Heater, if you have a Gas Heater then turn the Valve to the Pilot setting, if you have an electric heater, then just turn off the power off.
  2. you will need to stop water coming to your tank, Turn off the Valve that supplies Coldwater off.
  3. Let the water cool down, before draining in out of your tank.
  4. one the Water is cold use a hose to drain it out of the tank.
  5. Make sure that the hose is well attached and the water is cold before starting the drain operation.
  6. Place the end of the Hose in bucket near you to avoid draining water into everywhere and ending up with a big water pool there.
  7. Open the Faucet on to prevent the vacuum from forming inside the pipes.
  8. Turn on the Drain valve, and Start draining Water out of the tank.
  9. After draining the entire tank from Water, it is the right time to turn water on and supply the tank with cold water and fill it again. Remove the hose and close the drain valve at the bottom of your tank. Turn the Coldwater on and the Heating option back on.

What is the best reliable brand of Water Heater.

A.O.Smith Water Heater

In the US market, A.OSmith Water heater is considered the most reliable, they meet all the requirements, From efficiency, energy-saving, and lifespan Water heater. They make boilers, water heaters, and storage tanks. the company was founded in 1874. A.O.Smith Water heaters tank capacity can store up to 120 gallons of water and 2.5 per point of use.

Rinnai Water Heater

the Japanese company founded in the 1920s, being in production since 1964. Rinnai Water Heater is the most recommended and trusted Waters Heaters by plumbers and Water heating service companies. With over 30 million Water Heaters installed worldwide. Rinnai Water Heater has so many reviews positively speaking about their reliability, quality and comfort. That is why they are the number one selling water heater brand in the United States and Canada.

Bosch Water Heater

The German brand is one of the largest suppliers of automotive, security systems, Water heater, and many more products. found in 1894. The brand has acquired its name on the global scale for its commitment to innovation and their quality products. Bosch Water heaters provide a longer life service and in terms of reliability as well, they are the Experts.

Bradford White Heaters

the American brand that produces the best quality heaters in on the Market. Water Heater from Bradford company comes in both, Gas and Electric. the best thing about this company is that they offer the longest warranty duration which is 10 years. only Rheem and Bradford company offers sone a warranty duration.

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