Most of the households are working with the same manner they use to fill the big water tanks and these tanks are heated with the water heaters. It is beneficial for a family who need to use hot water for shower and other task at the same time. For school and office, all the family member use hot water at the same time and after usage they turn of the water heater and go out.

It’s a god use of water heater with tank but in case of long showers, the tank will have to wait for it emptied tank and for reheated. It is a risky act because the tank and water heaters are attached with each other so, they are on risk when the electric heater is on but the heater can’t get water etc.

As a suggestion, use the tank-less water heater. It has many benefits that you can understand as you put it on. For example, it supplies the hot water only when it needed otherwise the water will be at its normal temperature.

The tank-less heater will also save the fuel cost around 50% ingeneral. In short, it’s a perfect solution for safe and quick hot water supply source. Now, after purchasing it, there is need to install it. Let’s check out the step by step process of its installation.

How to install tank-less water heater:

The installation of the tank-less water heater is not an easy task because it requires electrical wiring or pas piping, so youneed tohire a professional plumber and electrician. If you are know the whole process or have skill to complete this task than follow these steps one by one:

Step no 1:

First of all disconnect the water and gas supply of the water tank. You need empty tank so, drain out the water from it and remove the old one.

Step no 2:

Measure the requirement of the pipe line of the new tank because it maybe requires the direct connection from the gas meter. So, make sure you are purchasing the accurate length of the pipes.

Step no 3:

Now, you need to drill the hole that should be close to the water heater. The PVC pipes are need to be install for vent and air intake from the hole.

Step no 4:

Now it’s time to connect the cold and hot water lines. Joint the cold water supply to the heater and on the other hand, the hot line should come out from the heater. The required pipe of this process is about ¾ inches copper pipe.

Step no 5:

For electrical outlet, you must need the assistance of the electricians. If you are able to deal with in, you can do it but for safety purpose hire an electrician.

Step no 6:

There is also need to install a crossover valve for the furthest plumbing fixture that will allow it to built-in the recirculation pump. This function will keep hot water ready.

Step no 7:

In this very last step, connect the cold water, gas and electrical supply on and test the tank-less water heater is working or not?

These are the simple steps of installing a tank-less water heater. These are also commonly use but the people are not having proper knowledge about it. So, let’s check out little information about tank-less water heater.

The price range of the tank-les water heater is different. The small gas fire heater is starting from rupees 170$ that goes up as the technology get advanced. The high class and high-output heater are of 2000$.

The tank-less electric heaters are way cheaper than the heaters with tanks. The tank-less are available with the starting price of 90$ to 900$. The first time installation of it cost more but after this you will be in peace for the rest of your life.

The main quality of the gas-burning and tank-less water heater is that they can last more than average water heater. Their life is three times more and it will run for lifetime. If you install the water heater with tank, its electric usage will give you longelectricity bills.

So, void them. The tank-less water heater can be getting from any Plumbing-supply stores, online retailers and near store. They all are carrying these heaters.

Some countries also giving this facility that you have to order this to your plumber and he will deliver this heater and also offer his service to you, so if you want you can hire him rapidly.

There are many functions that require the expertise like vent, leak-free water and gas connection. If you do it, it may be left some errors o never fix the heater in a proper way etc.

there is a gas and electricity involve in this process so make sure you are taking the assistance of an expert. Moreover, its maintenance cost is less so that is why it is more considerable in terms of security and budget.

Bottom line:

The water heater is the necessary thing in every house especially in winters when the temperature goes very down, you will need it a lot. The water heater with tank is the common way to use it but the tank-less water heater is also consider the best in term of budget and usage.

It will give you warm water according to your requirement. There is no typical hot stored water in the tank. As you open the tab, you will get the warm water and as you close it the system will shut automatically.

It has many benefits like; it will give you the warm water without any risk, there is no any storage of water or no extra use of gas or fuel etc. So, consider this for security of your house and family because it will give you the safe and fine way to get warm water for usage.