When you buy a new electric water heater, the seller must give some instructions about its usage and safety precautions.

So, as you bring water heater at your home and install it according to its instructions. It’snot a tough task but it will require technique that is why it is recommended to call a professional for proper installment.

The electric heater is consisting of one or two elements that give you hot and cool water. The upper element is responsible to give the hot water supply from the water heater tank and the lower element is working with the same manner.

If you notice that the hot water is not coming that shows the malfunction in upper element but if the warm water came but did not hot as the temperature set that means the lower element is culprit.

Another issue that the hot water heater also give is the continuously trips because of circuit breaker. If you change any of the elements from the heater it will also create short circuit.

To check and eliminate this issue, you must have the multi-meter; with it you can determine the damaged element and its position. Now, we are going to test water heater elements and how it can be change or eliminate?

The required things for testing:

Here are things that you should have if you want to test the water heater elements. Even as a professional you also need same things for testing.

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Safety goggles
  3. Gloves
  4. Noncontact voltage detector

How to test water heater elements?

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To test the water heater elements there are few steps that should require completing the whole procedure. Let’s start listing them one by one.

Step no 1:

First of all disconnect the water heater from its main breaker. All the electrical heaters run on the electricity that given by the electric panel of the water heater. Usually it needs 30-amp for the double-pole circuit breaker. So, make sure you are already disconnecting the electrical supply of the heater otherwise it will give you electrical shot.

Step no 2:

When you remove the safety cover from the heater, there might be one or two burn wires, so if you touch them accidently you will get harm. So it is necessary to eliminate the electricity first.

Step no 3:

First of all check the upper element first. The operational volts of the water heater are 240 so you need to set the multi-meter on the 240 volts. You can also set the meter more than 240 because it is a safe way to test the element.

Step no 4:

Now, check the outlet of the house that you know is working. Put the one probe of the multi-meter on the reset button and the other one is on water heater tank. It’s necessary to build a ground for the testing process.

Step no 5:

Check the meter that shows some readings or not? Try the same process by changing the probe settings. Find out the right breaker an make sure during this process there is no electricity in this circuit.

Step no 6:

Now, you can touch the two multi-meter probes altogether. The needle of the meter should bend from the face of the meter from all the way to cross the face. The working needle is describing that the meter is in working condition. By adding any electrical flow, it will show the readings.

Step no 7:

Now, it’s time to disconnect one of the wires that comes from the water heater. You don’t need to worry about which wire is removing because this step is just for remove any wire from the water e

Step no 8:

As you attach the probe of the meter with the elements, if they never show any reading that means the element is not working and you need to replace it right away. If the needle moves from one corner to another, it means the element is ok. The multi-meter test is 99.9 % accurate.

Step no 9:

After checking the upper element, repeat the same process for the lower elements and test whether it’s giving some readings or not. It’s possible that the both elements are not working or may be one is ok but the other one is not working that means.

In short, you can easily check the water heater elements with the help of multi-meter and other necessary tools. If you don’t understand the whole process, you can take the assistance of any expert because it’s an electrical task that might need technique and for a newbie, its might be dangerous. In case of never eliminate the electric breaker, you will get harm. So, it is necessary to follow the safety precautions first.

Some safety precautions:

  1. Don’t forget to eliminate the electrical breaker
  2. Use gloves for hand safety
  3. Do not touch it with wet hands
  4. Keep children out of this
  5. Make sure that you turn off your electric motor heater after use

These things are necessary to consider because your life is precious and should take all the necessary measures to keep it safe secure and out of danger. It will enable you to remain shocked proof.

Bottom Line:

Water heaters are necessary as you know that winters are coming. Though it is not winter of north from game of thrones where you can be attached by white walkers however if you took showers with cold water, you can surely get attacked by the viral issues and diseases.

Therefore, buying a water heater is necessary. So, don’t forget to test the elements of your water heater by using nine steps. These nine steps will help you to test the water heater elements with the help of few things that are already mention in this article.

By doing so, you will be able to make a wise purchase. For more information you can visit our website for further information.That’s all for now folks.